Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A quick note about orthotics

Orthotic insoles are used by "some" people... clever people actually. I say this as a matter of fact because they are doing something that is considered quite clever, they are actually helping to prevent foot pains and problems in one go and not only that they are doing something that will mean uncomfortable shoes are a thing of the past... quite literally swapping regular insoles for a pair of orthotics instead will mean you will never have to worry about the annoyance of foot pain, cramps or even plantar faciitis again.

Orthotic insoles are great whether you are going on long walks, running, hikes, camping trips, standing around for long periods or even just regular daily use they will work for you.

Whether you doing anyof the activitys above or not it is far better to wear them to not because orthotics often have arch supportive feature built in them which means instead of having flat insoles that do not support you instead the support that will hold your feet in there natural position instead..... which is actually a good way to stop a inflamed plantar fascia and so you wont get plantar faciitis as a result of this.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Pinholes glasses how to improve eye sight easily

Pin holes glasses are something that is gaining popularity, these clever inventions have been created with the aim of improving the person who is wearing the pinholes glasses eyesight. They are quite simple they are glasses that have been designed with special pinholes in them that can be worn for only a couple of minutes each day and will help to strengthen your eyesight.

The three ways you can grow taller... made simple.

There are lots of different information on the internet, well to be honest most of the information regarding growing taller is either fake, or very hard to find. Partly because much of Google is taken over by people trying to sell you e-books. Do not believe these people trying to sell you a book, they are not professionals all they care about is trying to sell you a e-book which will make them money.
Why pay for a expensive e-book when good information is already out there on the internet for free like on truth about growing taller.com?

Here I will be discussing the real truth about growing taller, and how you can grow taller using these three methods which are diet, height exercises and also shoe lifts. I will also be talking about why you should avoid buying unhelpful and expensive ebooks from the internet.

So you wish to gain height do you? When I first started out trying to increase my height, I searched high and low (no pun intended) to find a solution and in this article I am going to outline the three major ways you can do and also wear to help you grow taller.
These methods don't require you to buy a e-book, bare that in mind as all they require is a little effort, or if you choose to buy some shoe lifts a little bit of money, that's just about all you need.
Okay let me begin by telling you the three major ways for you to get taller. Put simply they are, diet, exercise and shoe lifts. The first two diet and exercise are pretty obvious really but if you don't already know these two are crucial whilst you are still growing naturally, diet is fundamental for growth as you need to fuel your growth with something... Stretching height exercises can be done at any age to help you increase your height even if you have stopped growing something diet cannot do. Stretching exercises mainly work by improving your overall posture and also decompressing your spine with can be compressed by gravity (this is why you are taller while you sleep than you are in the day time). Stretching exercises also will strengthen the muscles around your spine meaning gravity will also have less of a impact on you as you will be able to support yourself better. Most stretching exercises can be done within a couple minutes and can be easily incorporated into your day to day life.
A thing to note though with stretching exercises is that they may take along time for you to start seeing results.
Okay onto the final method to help you grow taller, you maybe wondering what shoe lifts (heel lifts, height increasing insoles) are and that's why i am here, I will tell you. Shoe lifts are insoles that you place in your shoes to give you unnoticeable but taller heels. I say unnoticeable because unlike high heels or even elevator shoes which people can see have quite tall heels these height increasing insoles are practically hidden away and invisible.
Plus unlike high heels they are far more comfortable to wear and your not stuck with one pair of shoes to wear that will give you a height boost because they have built in arch supports! Shoe lifts are actually a way in which the Hollywood stars use to appear taller. That's right stars aren't always as they appear to be.
Shoe lifts are a fast and practical solution that will give you a instant height boost and costs around £10 per pair of insoles (which may I just add is quite a bit cheaper than a e-book is).
If you are now worrying about "what if people start questioning me on how i grew 3 inches taller overnight?" then that can be easily solved, most of these height insoles have a adjustable feature which you can slowly add height to your heels on the shoe lifts over time which may trick people into thinking your growing taller naturally. Clever! These insoles can be worn by both men and women!
Anyway thought you should know about these three very different approaches to grow taller.
Remember these are the only real working ways any other ways could be just fake, and also remember if you have any questions or before you start any exercise regime please first go see a doctor and get there advise as well.
On a side not I chose to leave out surgery as a option to increase height as I find that this can be quite risky and should only be done if a doctor suggests you need it.

Anyway if you want real advise on ways to grow taller then there is one website where you will be able read about ways to appear or grow taller for more practical and easy solutions.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Why shoe lifts are better than elevator shoes

Here are a list of reasons what makes shoe lifts better than elevator shoes. Please comment if you can think for an more and want them added:

Shoe lifts are cheaper (much) than elevator shoes that can go into hundreds of dollars for a pair.
Shoe lifts are interchangeable but elevator shoes are not. meaning your stuck with the one pair of shoes that increase your height.
With a pair of shoe lifts you can actually adjust the height to what you want plus you can use this to trick people into thinking your growing naturally... with elevator shoes you cannot.
With most elevator shoes people can notice that you are wearing shoes with a taller heel than normal but shoe lifts are totally invisible.
Shoe lifts are made out of shock absorbing materials which is important to prevent foot pain.. elevator shoes are just like regular shoes but just built up.

There you have it a few reasons why you should choose to buy shoe lifts over a pair of elevator shoes any day.

How to grow taller

There are lots of different ways you may want to try to help you grow taller. The fundamental ways are:

  • Height exercise
  • diet
  • Shoe lifts

In this post i will be explianing all three of these ways to help you grow or appear taller.

Height exercise

For height exercises to work you will need to do them on a regular basis, or else you may in fact find that your height may go back to how it was. This is because height exercises work by improving your posture and also decompressing your spine.
Good posture and strong muscles around your spine are needed to ensure you can fight against gravity that is constantly pushing down on you (this is the reason why you are taller when you sleep than you are during the day)


Healthy balanced diet is needed to ensure you are able to fuel your growth and cells with the right amount of nutrients. Malnutrition has been linked to stunted growth.

Shoe lifts

You may be wondering what are shoe lifts, well let me tell you! Shoe lifts are like insoles, Well they make you taller anyway. How this even possible i hear you ask, well put simply these height increasing insoles give you taller heels. Who would of thought that you could swap months of hard work trying to gain height with exercise for a pair of height increasing insoles.
Save a lot of time with these...

There are plenty of website online that sells shoe lifts so you will never have a lack of choice when picking some.

You can read more about shoe lifts here in one of my previous posts

Gain the height you want with shoe lifts

Shoe lifts are a practical solution to growing (or appearing to grow tall), Simple, easy to use and affordable to buy online shoe lifts are for anyone wanting to appear taller... whether for general day to day use... if you are going for a important job interview and want to look as though you have authority  to impress people and to get a better first impression.

Shoe (heel) lifts will maximize your height through giving you taller heels which you can even adjust in height. Easily placed within any of your current shoes a pair of height increasing insoles have many different purposes from enhancing your height, improving height or simple making walking in uncomfortable shoes more comfy with there built in arch support and tapered orthotic design.

To enhance there image and height many famous stars that you see on TV will use shoe lifts to appear taller, but who would guess because they are hidden away in their shoes they can get away with it and the general public are non the wiser.

So if you buy some shoe lifts you can be rest assured that nobody will know you are wearing these height increasing insoles.not unless you tell them that is.

You may ask the question wont people guess though if i all of a sudden grow a couple inches taller over night. Well that can easily solved with the adjustable feature on the insoles whereby you are able to slowly increase your height by adding more and more stacks to the shoe lifts over time, making it almost impossible to tell that your not just growing taller naturally rather than wearing these insoles.

Built to last.

Most shoe lifts are built to last, made from highly resistant to shock materials such as rubber, foam and even silicone gel these insoles will even absorb shock that could may in fact damage your feet whilst you walk. But thanks to the design of the shoe lifts your heel and foot will be protected, so you don't need to worry about developing painful conditions like plantar faciitis or any other problems because your feet will be safe whilst wearing a pair of these shoe lifts in your shoes... This also means you can wear them for all day long without discomfort, something that is impossible in regular insoles because regular insoles are often flat and don't not offer the right support or comfort that you need.

Shoe lifts are a time saver

If you search on Google for was to grow taller you may find people who are just trying to sell you online books or programs to help you get taller....(usually these people are given money to help promote the books they may not have even used the programs themselves just writing about it for money they dont care one bit!) These programs may not even work for you because height is influenced by genetics. Also results through height exercises may take months or even years or hard work, dedication and time. But with shoe lifts height gain is instant with zero effort. How cool is that?

Plus remember just reading a book wont help! And some of these books that are meant to help you grow taller can be very expensive... Shoe lifts are not expensive at all you can buy some of these insoles online for less than £10!!

But if you are set on trying to increase your height through exercise then why not combine using exercises to help you increase your height and wearing shoe lifts you will be even taller then.

Shoe lifts are a height increase solution anyone can wear at an age, whether you are a teenager and still growing or in your twenty's or thirty's... and so on....

I highly recommend buying a pair and seeing the result for yourself! It really is noticeable height increase that doesn't take months to show but as soon as you place them inside your shoes.

If you have any questions concerning the following:

  • shoe lifts
  • how to grow taller
  • or anything else we talk about here like those scamming book sellers...

Then please comment below and i will answer all your questions. Or if you have bought some shoe lifts for your self you can post your feedback below and tell us if they helped you or not, we are always happy to hear from you.

Oh and lastly fi you are wanting to buy some for yourself then heres a link:
Look I did all the hard work for you!!!!
Where to buy shoe lifts


Welcome to jhbootcamp
Welcome to my blog... Yes i know i have already made some posts and this is a bit late... but i thought i would just welcome you all to my new blog!

Height increasing insoles (shoe lifts) for men

Women can always wear high heels if they are wanting to be a little taller or quite abit. But what can men wear to appear taller? Well men cant really wear high heels but did you know that there is a alternative that men can wear and that no one what so ever will suspect? This alternative is called shoe lifts. Shoe lifts can give men the much needed boost in height they need for life.

I will post more on these height increasing insoles soon so stayed tuned for more information on these insoles.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

whre to buy Heel pads for plantar faciitis online

Where to buy some heel pads for plantar faciitis?

Well the best place to look for some is on NuovaHealth.co.uk with a wide range of heel pads specially designed for people who are suffering from plantar facittis you cant go wrong. Based in england that website ships insoles and heel pads across the world, at a affordable price.
Why not click the link below to go to the product page of just one of the many heel pads available at NuovaHealth

heel pads for plantar faciitis

With these heel pads you will be able to ease the pain and symptoms that are caused by plantar faciitis quickly and easily, all you do is slip them into any of your existing shoes, they are unnoticeable so wont compromise the style of your shoes and are also light weight making walking in them easy.

Sports insoles avoid and ease foot pain

It is important in most if not all sports that when you are running your feet stay comfortable and supported that's why regular insoles just wont do in sport. hence why sport insoles where created. Specially designed running insoles are meant for people who want to do a lot of physical and use there feet a lot and want to avoid foot pain or discomfort or even damage that could stop a persons sporting career all together. If you just use regular insoles that are flat and do not provide any support such as arch support you may find that you may get problems such as plantar faciitis or even tarsal tunnel syndrome, GOOD REASON WHY YOU SHOULD BUY SOME RUNNING OR SPORTS INSOLES.

Dont let something as stupid as the wrong pair of insoles be the cause of a sporting injury that stops you. They dont even cost that much for a pair of arch supporting orthotic insoles...

The insoles weigh the same as regular ones so its not like you will be weighed down.

You can even use them for day to day use as well.