Monday, 11 March 2013

The three ways you can grow taller... made simple.

There are lots of different information on the internet, well to be honest most of the information regarding growing taller is either fake, or very hard to find. Partly because much of Google is taken over by people trying to sell you e-books. Do not believe these people trying to sell you a book, they are not professionals all they care about is trying to sell you a e-book which will make them money.
Why pay for a expensive e-book when good information is already out there on the internet for free like on truth about growing

Here I will be discussing the real truth about growing taller, and how you can grow taller using these three methods which are diet, height exercises and also shoe lifts. I will also be talking about why you should avoid buying unhelpful and expensive ebooks from the internet.

So you wish to gain height do you? When I first started out trying to increase my height, I searched high and low (no pun intended) to find a solution and in this article I am going to outline the three major ways you can do and also wear to help you grow taller.
These methods don't require you to buy a e-book, bare that in mind as all they require is a little effort, or if you choose to buy some shoe lifts a little bit of money, that's just about all you need.
Okay let me begin by telling you the three major ways for you to get taller. Put simply they are, diet, exercise and shoe lifts. The first two diet and exercise are pretty obvious really but if you don't already know these two are crucial whilst you are still growing naturally, diet is fundamental for growth as you need to fuel your growth with something... Stretching height exercises can be done at any age to help you increase your height even if you have stopped growing something diet cannot do. Stretching exercises mainly work by improving your overall posture and also decompressing your spine with can be compressed by gravity (this is why you are taller while you sleep than you are in the day time). Stretching exercises also will strengthen the muscles around your spine meaning gravity will also have less of a impact on you as you will be able to support yourself better. Most stretching exercises can be done within a couple minutes and can be easily incorporated into your day to day life.
A thing to note though with stretching exercises is that they may take along time for you to start seeing results.
Okay onto the final method to help you grow taller, you maybe wondering what shoe lifts (heel lifts, height increasing insoles) are and that's why i am here, I will tell you. Shoe lifts are insoles that you place in your shoes to give you unnoticeable but taller heels. I say unnoticeable because unlike high heels or even elevator shoes which people can see have quite tall heels these height increasing insoles are practically hidden away and invisible.
Plus unlike high heels they are far more comfortable to wear and your not stuck with one pair of shoes to wear that will give you a height boost because they have built in arch supports! Shoe lifts are actually a way in which the Hollywood stars use to appear taller. That's right stars aren't always as they appear to be.
Shoe lifts are a fast and practical solution that will give you a instant height boost and costs around £10 per pair of insoles (which may I just add is quite a bit cheaper than a e-book is).
If you are now worrying about "what if people start questioning me on how i grew 3 inches taller overnight?" then that can be easily solved, most of these height insoles have a adjustable feature which you can slowly add height to your heels on the shoe lifts over time which may trick people into thinking your growing taller naturally. Clever! These insoles can be worn by both men and women!
Anyway thought you should know about these three very different approaches to grow taller.
Remember these are the only real working ways any other ways could be just fake, and also remember if you have any questions or before you start any exercise regime please first go see a doctor and get there advise as well.
On a side not I chose to leave out surgery as a option to increase height as I find that this can be quite risky and should only be done if a doctor suggests you need it.

Anyway if you want real advise on ways to grow taller then there is one website where you will be able read about ways to appear or grow taller for more practical and easy solutions.

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