Sunday, 10 March 2013

Why shoe lifts are better than elevator shoes

Here are a list of reasons what makes shoe lifts better than elevator shoes. Please comment if you can think for an more and want them added:

Shoe lifts are cheaper (much) than elevator shoes that can go into hundreds of dollars for a pair.
Shoe lifts are interchangeable but elevator shoes are not. meaning your stuck with the one pair of shoes that increase your height.
With a pair of shoe lifts you can actually adjust the height to what you want plus you can use this to trick people into thinking your growing naturally... with elevator shoes you cannot.
With most elevator shoes people can notice that you are wearing shoes with a taller heel than normal but shoe lifts are totally invisible.
Shoe lifts are made out of shock absorbing materials which is important to prevent foot pain.. elevator shoes are just like regular shoes but just built up.

There you have it a few reasons why you should choose to buy shoe lifts over a pair of elevator shoes any day.

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