Sunday, 10 March 2013

How to grow taller

There are lots of different ways you may want to try to help you grow taller. The fundamental ways are:

  • Height exercise
  • diet
  • Shoe lifts

In this post i will be explianing all three of these ways to help you grow or appear taller.

Height exercise

For height exercises to work you will need to do them on a regular basis, or else you may in fact find that your height may go back to how it was. This is because height exercises work by improving your posture and also decompressing your spine.
Good posture and strong muscles around your spine are needed to ensure you can fight against gravity that is constantly pushing down on you (this is the reason why you are taller when you sleep than you are during the day)


Healthy balanced diet is needed to ensure you are able to fuel your growth and cells with the right amount of nutrients. Malnutrition has been linked to stunted growth.

Shoe lifts

You may be wondering what are shoe lifts, well let me tell you! Shoe lifts are like insoles, Well they make you taller anyway. How this even possible i hear you ask, well put simply these height increasing insoles give you taller heels. Who would of thought that you could swap months of hard work trying to gain height with exercise for a pair of height increasing insoles.
Save a lot of time with these...

There are plenty of website online that sells shoe lifts so you will never have a lack of choice when picking some.

You can read more about shoe lifts here in one of my previous posts

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