Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Running the right way allows you to run further!

The correct posture whilst running is very important.
Having the right posture and running technique is fundamental if you want to avoid running injuries and run fast and even longer! There are various articles online that cover running technique like this one that tells you how to run properly and what injury's can occur if you dont. plus I like this one too about proper form when running
However i will not in this article repeat what’s already been said in many other articles all over the internet instead I will just summarize the importance of good running technique and posture. Please visit the article above that I mentioned about how to run properly to find out .. Well just how you should be running.
Here is why you should run and have correct posture.
Incorrect posture creates strain and pressure on your shoulders and back which over time can cause weakening not only on your bones and muscles but also on your joints because you are unnaturally running in the way your body has not been designed too.
Having the right posture allows you to breathe more freely. It is important to breath properly to help circulate oxygen around your body to your cells. You cells needs oxygen to make energy. Starvation of oxygen can cause tiredness as a effect of the build up of lactic acid in your cells which can be painful and cause you to stop running.
Something else to take into consideration when you are jogging or running is the way your feet hit the ground hit the ground to harshly and you can damage your legs and feet in the process.
Having the best running technique also makes you run more efficiently which means less energy is wasted in pointless movement!
Hopefully this has been a warning to you reading this on why you should run properly and correct your posture. Running the right way enables you to run faster and you are less likely to get tired quickly as a result too! So there you have it a quick post on why you should run properly.

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