Friday, 17 May 2013

What you eat now effects your health in later life

"People who eat a balanced diet have a far less likely hood of developing heart disease and other problems"
This just shows that the importance of eating healthy is needed to live a longer life.
But did you know the food you ate as a child has a impact on your later life? It is true the foods you eat influence bone density and heart health among other things. For example osteoporosis is a disease that effects bones (often called brittle bone disease . People who where not deficient and had plenty of calcium and phosphorus and a diet that was not too acid as the body will take minerals from the bones to re-balance stomach acids have a far less risk of getting osteoporosis when they are older than those who did not.
That is just one of many examples.
But the moral of this post is to tell people that what you eat now and in earlier life does have a impact on later life... It is never too late to start eating more healthier though! Sooner you start eating more healthier the better!

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